The fine Monte Carlo cigarette

Monte Carlo is a brand of cigarette made by JT International. JT International is a world's third largest International tobacco company, manufacturing Internationally recognized cigarette brands including Camel, Mild Seven, Salem and Winston etc.
Monte Carlo cigarettes are considered to be the French Rivera of cigarettes. They have a smooth savor and a rich, full-bodied taste that appeals to almost any smokers. These cigarettes are the embodiment of magnificence and the symbolism of being capable to live the high life. They may be a little complicated to find in the United States but are well worth the effort it takes to locate this superb brand of cigarettes. Named after the country of Monte Carlo, these cigarettes are meant to bring elegance and style to everyone that smokes them. The smoke is dense enough for the smoker to feel its weight but it is not harsh or abrasive against the smoker’s throat like some other trademarks can be, making smoking the Monte Carlo cigarettes more agreeable for any smoker.
Monte Carlo cigarettes are manufactured and sold by a business named JT International, which is a fairly new company to the tobacco industry. JT International is a product of a merger of two top tobacco companies that happened in 1999 when Japanese Tobacco purchased RJ Reynolds. Japan Tobacco has been manufacturing quality tobacco products since 1898. The headquarters for JT International is in Tokyo, Japan but this particular brand is manufactured mainly in Europe.
This brand features five tastes, which are the Monte Carlo Full Flavor, the Monte Carlo Lights, the Monte Carlo Super Lights, the Monte Carlo Menthol and the Monte Carlo One. Each of these flavors is offered in the Soft Pack, King and Hard Box styles to fit any lifestyle and likeness of every smoker. The cigarettes are famous for their smooth flavor that comes from their top quality and finely chopped tobacco.

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